You’re Fired!

Dear Doctor Dickhead,

I am writing to express how appalled I am with your unprofessional conduct.

Since my last appointment with you five days ago, I have been angry and confused. How fucking dare you treat me like I am some sort of lost cause, when your fucking job is to provide suitable treatment and a duty of care. I thought we were in the process of fine tuning my medications (which as it turns out, needs a complete fucking overhaul). Instead, we decrease the frequency between appointments, and then you (much to my absolute surprise), tell me that you recommend a second opinion using the words ‘under these circumstances’.


I might have had the chance to ask about this in more detail, in addition to the changes in medication which began months ago. The opportunity may have been there if you weren’t so quick to finalize the appointment inside of five minutes, just because you thought my referral wasn’t current.

You are an absolute fucking disgrace to your profession, and do not deserve to be treating people who are not well, vulnerable and scared.

Should I remind you that the last two medications to be introduced were recommended by myself. That you failed to pick up on the ADHD component of my illness. Where is the duty of care, you worthless piece of shit.

Before and after my appointment, you showed more concern about making sure my referral was current. This was done back in June you INCOMPETENT FUCK!

Perhaps you are in the early stages of dementia. Reflecting on the past few months, it would certainly appear that something isn’t quite right. I have honestly and repeatedly told you exactly where I am, only to fall on deaf ears. I should have listened to my instincts right from the beginning when I had a hunch you had NO FUCKING IDEA!

Why on earth, when you said that anti-depressants are ‘evil’ when it comes to Bipolar Disorder, am I still on one? At half the dose I was on in the past! Why did you NOT continue to go down this path before recommending a second opinion? Why did you continually ignore the fact that Geoden/Zeldox was leaving me with an almighty hangover? Or that I am too scared to go to sleep at night due to the dread of the cycle repeating? What about my reservations to increase the dose of dexamphetamine due to insomnia?

Do you also remember the time you gave me a starter box that was one month out of date???

I feel sick to my stomach to have been sucked in by another incompetent hack, who has little to no regard for the well-being of their patients.

When describing my previous history during my first appointment with you, the only thing I remember is you gloating how much you and your bank manager appreciate people in my position. What the fuck? Who says that to a patient?

You should be ashamed of yourself and god only help those still under your care and supervision. As disgusted as I am with myself for believing you were actually trying to help me, I thank you for giving me an opportunity to now find somebody who actually gives a shit.

Oh how I would love to sue your sorry butt. Lucky for you I am not the litigious type. There is a different type of pain that will catch you eventually.

Go fuck yourself, and do take note: Karma will come knocking!

10 comments on “You’re Fired!

  1. I am so sorry that you are having doctor problems. My first doctor told me that if drinking made me feel calmer, to go ahead. (He didn’t say to get wasted, but in a manic state, that was the only time I felt relief). He said that if running everyday twice a day made me feel better, go ahead. I injured my knee and lost 15 pounds…I had to buy all new work clothes. He told me to do breathing exercises and to meditate. But I couldn’t sit STILL long enough to eat, let alone meditate.

    I finally had 2 pretty nasty manic episodes (like classic, textbook and then some) before I finally went somewhere new and they knew it right away. I now have a doc that listens to me…really listens…and she gives me options with meds after telling me all the sucky side effects.

    I am glad that you are venting…but I am so sorry that you are screaming for help and they are not listening. Sounds like you are going to take control now (which is very hard to do when you are not feeling balanced…trust me, I understand).


  2. I have felt like this with some providers I’ve had in the past. It actually helped me to read your letter saying things in a way that I could not. This guy sounds like a monster and he shouldn’t be allowed to be in practice. It’s frightening to realize that that there are professionals who care so little about their patients and the job they’re doing. It would be hard to find one that isn’t at least better than this guy. I hope you find a good pdoc really soon. It sucks to be in limbo with med changes when you know they’re not working.

    • It’s a very harsh write. To read it again after a couple of days, it’s almost baffling to see how angry I actually was/am. But in putting something like this together, I know I’m not the only one that feels this way. Thanks for commenting firestorm. Really appreciate it.

  3. You have EVERY right to be angry. I too have experienced assholes like this. I think anyone with BP has at least once. I am uphauled at the lack of concearn for patient care, bot just is the field of psychiatry, but in the health profession in general. It seems most of the time, all that these fucktards care about is making sure your insurance is accepted or a referral date! Ugh. It may be a harsh write, but it’s the truth! I’m sure plenty of people feel this way.

  4. I had a doctor put me back on a medication that had not worked before and had side effects I could not live with. Not surprisingly I was not med compliant and stopped receiving care for a while, it made me gun shy. The people in the white coats need to be careful when treating patients, we are not textbooks, and while we may have an illness or disorder we are still people. Too often I hear stories like this, and I think some doctors see our disease and refuse to listen to us as if we can’t also have a voice in our treatment process.

    • Thank you for your comment Zofie. So many doctors are caught up in their bottom line, so much so, that treatment seems to be their secondary objective. I will be seeing a new psychiatrist in late November, but I am cautious and tentative in doing so. It is a necessary evil, so I have to play my part. However, I am there for a reason and you are absolutely right, we people and we definitely need to be heard!

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