It all starts in 3 weeks

This year has not been an easy one when it comes to accepting the limitations that having Bipolar puts on my life. Through the despair of a long depressive episode, I am struggling to accept my position in life. No career, no partner, no kids. I’ve never resented having this illness as much as I do right now. Through all the pain and suffering, I hang onto a small glimmer of hope that one day things can get better. That one day I will have what my heart desires most. It’s not about material gain. It’s about being able to rise above a situation so dark and bleak in nature, to a place where the sun shines on more days than it doesn’t. Having a mental illness becomes secondary. Loneliness and isolation is a thing of the past. Positive relationships are forged. There is love in my life through the power of family. The shackles of all present limitations are broken and pave way to opportunity.

A new journey begins in three weeks. It is my chance to dig myself out from the depths of despair and strive for something meaningful.

I am returning to study. My sights are set on achieving something that should have been done during the early stages of adulthood. It is unfinished business and something I simply must do.

I have chosen to study Psychology. There is still a burning desire within me to help people . My days working as a nurse provided me with the necessary insight, to realise how good I can be in the role as a carer. I feel a ‘calling’ in life. It is strong and it’s loud. If I do not try to make the most of the opportunity that lays before me, I don’t think I can live with myself.

How this idealism can translate to real world activity is still beyond comprehension. I am starting small by only doing a couple of subjects. This pace should suit me for where I am at right now. Anything more, and the chances of being overwhelmed by stress become more of a reality. I have been down that road many times before, when I knew it was bad for me, and yet I persevered. In the end, I lose the battle to keep up with everything and find myself back at square one. Depression in all it’s glory takes a strong hold and it will be months before I am in a position to pick myself up and dust myself off.

What I am most looking forward to about studying Psychology, is exploring how the brain operates. Nature vs Nurture concepts. What essentially makes us tick. I know that by the time the theory is done and dusted, practicing Psychology in the real world will be vastly different. For now though, I am looking forward to the journey of exploring all of the theory and the personal development that comes with learning a new vocation.

This opportunity is one I hope I can relish. It is a chance to grow and expand the knowledge and experience already gained in my life thus far. It is a chance to embrace optimism once again and strive for something better in life. It won’t be easy, but I think I am up for the challenge once again.

Wish me luck!

6 comments on “It all starts in 3 weeks

  1. That is great that you know your limitations and are setting yourself up for success! I have learned this, too, within the last couple of years and instead of being down on myself for not “being able to handle normal-people stress,” I get to proud of myself at the end when I actually accomplish something! Slow and steady wins the race.

    Also, I am sad to hear your lonely voice in your writing…I know that I get lonely and I have a husband and a daughter. So, without them it would be harder. All of my life, before I knew I was bipolar, I used to get so despondent…so depressed…so unable to be pleased. When people would ask me, “What is it that you want!?” I had only one answer. PEACE. That answer never changed. So, I know what you mean when you say that you hope one day your heart will get what it desires most. I wish that for you, too. Very much!

    I am also enrolled in a Bachelor’s program for Psychology…I will be finished in about a year and a half! I don’t think that I will do too much with it by way of a career (I am already living the exciting life of a commercial insurance producer!), but I actually just enjoy the subject matter, researching interesting topics, and writing essays! Seriously. And the brain chemistry knowledge is sooooooo interesting! You will do well in this study program because you have the interest and the passion!! Good for you…you aren’t waiting for opportunity to come to you; you are grabbing it for yourself and that is GREAT!

    Sorry such a long comment. I am all or nothing~ =)

  2. I did the same. When depression and anxiety reached its peak for the first time in my life I went back to university. For me it was the only right thing to do and I hope it will be the same for you. I wish you good luck and success with what you do.

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