Tis the Season to be Bipolar


And here we go again. The silly season has arrived. Oh what Joy. I’m not really a fan of this time of year. In fact, if I could go to sleep and wake up on the 15th of January, I would!

With the limited time I do watch Television, everything is so bright and cheery. Commercials flogging anything from hams to turkeys, there is even a wine advertisement that really gets up my nose. The illusion that the festive season is a time of joy, giving and receiving and everybody having such a wonderful time – well – it actually makes me gag a little.

Why is December so hard for so many people? Is it because there are those of us who cannot possibly live up to the expectations, commercialism places on us? Is it because we are lonely and and just plain miserable.

I hate Christmas, because of both of these things. And to not make it any bigger than it has to be, I vow to keep it simple.

I will cook something on Christmas Eve to take the pressure off cooking anything on Christmas Day itself. I have an invite to go and see a friend on Christmas evening, but that will come down to how I am feeling on the day. Plan B is to watch a few movies, including one of my favourites, Love Actually.

I really don’t think there is any need to feel additional pressure at this time of year. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, whether you are alone or with loved ones, don’t let something as commercial as Christmas get the better of you. It is only one day of the year and in reality isn’t that much different to the other 364 days.

Call someone, connect with an online forum for support, but don’t be defeated by Christmas.

Having said all of that, I do hope that anybody struggling at this time of year is able to find some peace. Please don’t give yourself a hard time. It’s seriously not worth it!

Happy Silly Season to all.

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