Back on the air!

Hello everyone,

Well its been almost two years and three months since I’ve posted anything. OMG!

Last time around I was under heavy stress with a failed summer romance and study.

Now I have neither on my plate and for the last two years, I have been keeping to myself and living in a bubble.

That is both good and bad.

Good for the fact that I don’t have much stress in my life (money matters aside), and my Bipolar has thanked me for the lack of stress. My medication regime is settled and I am sleeping and eating well. I’m not exercising as much though and for this I have payed in the weight department. Fair to say I could drop 15-20kgs at a minimum.

The bad side is that I am terribly unfulfilled. My life is lacking purpose and direction and I am becoming increasingly restless due to the fact. I have a volunteer role moderating a chat room that I’ve been doing for almost 15 months now. This fills in a few hours in the afternoon, however there is still a void. An area of my life I would like to change.

I have also had multiple failed attempts to quit smoking. Due to a lack of money, I am forced to go without, however when I do receive my pension, my first purchase is a pack of cigarettes and I feel genuine guilt about that.

Perhaps I might use the re ignition of this blog to try and drum up some support to quit and stay that way.


As far as being fulfilled goes, there are a couple of ideas I have been floating around in my head. One is start my own forum board with an emphasis on mental health, covering areas such as Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Borderline Personality Disorder and Eating disorders just to name a few. The idea is to build a community where people with a mental illness can come together and forge friendships to make the day to day grind a little more bearable. An extension to this would be the integration of a few moderated chat rooms to help build and maintain the community. I know these aren’t exactly original ideas, however I am yet to find a forum board that has flash based chat software integrated to it.

To achieve this, I would need to raise some funds and I am still working on ideas to raise the necessary funds for this to work, and how much exactly would need to be raised.

So that just about does it for now. It’s nice to be blogging again and I would sincerely appreciate some feedback on all matters mentioned above.

Peace to you all!