Welcome to Bipolar Beach!

Thanks for stopping by. Bipolar Beach is born to give me a voice. The name ‘Bipolar Beach’ made perfect sense. I have Bipolar, and live by the beach.

I was diagnosed in 2006. Despite a turbulent twelve months following this life changing diagnosis, I was able to pick myself up and continue to live, despite being somewhat incapacitated. I gained a nursing qualification to specifically work in the area of mental health. There was brief period during this time where I was truly happy. Work  was fulfilling  and I began to build a modest and content lifestyle. Sadly however, this was short lived.

A relapse brought about the end of my nursing days in early 2011, through a combination of stress (arguably Bipolar’s worst enemy) and external factors. I’m now on Disability, with the goal of returning to study and majoring in Psychology starting in 2013. These days I live an isolated existence and have difficulty interacting with people. Anxiety is a major issue day to day, especially when it comes to being in social situations. I find myself cut off from the world for the sake of self preservation. This causes me a great deal of pain because I continue to crave (perhaps on an ideological level) friendships and relationships. In the cold light of day, the harsh reality is that I am not fit to pursue the things that could potentially make me happy. I feel trapped, having tried to go outside of my comfort zone on multiple occasions, only to find comfort via solitude.

As I stated at the beginning, starting a blog is designed to give me a voice. I hope that you can relate to what I have to say. Furthermore, my one true wish is that you see the me as person, rather than somebody who is crazy.

Once more, thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy your stay at Bipolar Beach and invite you to come back at anytime.

6 comments on “Welcome to Bipolar Beach!

  1. Stopped by your site after you visited mine – thanks, and hope we stay in conversation. I’ve read a number of your posts here, and will be back.

  2. I have to say you really grabbed me when you referred to stress as “arguably bipolar’s worst enemy”. In my own life, I couldn’t agree more. I have been happy and stable for more than eight months now (after a very turbulent six or so years). And yet I still live on disability and do not work, because even the stress involved with day-to-day things threatens my happiness and stability.

    I am very interested to see what else you have to say. Clearly that voice you have made a statement that really resonated with me!

    • Thanks for your feedback. I know exactly what it means to be fearful of the effects stress can bring. I’m still at war with my illness. It has been a difficult year with med changes and depression. Right now I’m in a depressive period which seems to be poetic justice as far finishing 2012 goes. I hope to resume writing in the coming weeks. I also look forward to reading your blog. Thank you for stopping by.

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